Hey, Sis!

Hey hey family!!

My name is Brittany Mallard-Jackson, Owner of GSXO Boutique! I am a entreprenHER, mom to my son, Karter J., and happily married to my best friend and husband, Robert Jackson "Rojack". I am truly passionate about EVERYTHING I do! I believe you either do it with passion or not at all. I mean really?!.... Who likes things half done? By day, I am a licensed Speech Language Pathologist serving student grades Pre-Kindergarten- 8th grade. LOVE! To be able to help people communicate is a blessing. I enjoy long walks in Sephora (lippy lover), shopping, and spending lots of time with my family. 

Gimme Sugar was born when I was determined to find a solution to my dry skin! Like, ya'll... it was bad! After intensive research on various natural oils, essential oils, and skin care... Gimme Sugar was created! BOOM! I sat up a booth at a craft fair and literally sold out! All of our Scrubs are handmade to order, crafted to perfection with a lot of love! With the help of my husband, our scrubs can be found all over they US! 

GSXO (Gimme Sugar) Boutique was created in 2018 when I wanted to offer monogramming and boutique clothing to my tribe. My amazing husband gifted me with a heat press and let's just say... the rest is HERstory! Our clothing is chic, modern, and classic! Great for ladies on the go who can leave work and meet up with girls for a cocktail while being fashionable in both arenas. Hello!

I am OH SO GRATEFUL for the incredible community of people that shops with us, follow along with us on social media, and is along for the ride with us on this beautiful journey. We literally jump for joy with each new sale and each new follower. If you are reading this, then you are a part of my soul family. 

Soul Family- Those that gather around you in your life, not connected by blood or race, but energy and essence. They bring unconditional love and support at the perfect times and understand and share the same mission and purpose. 

Forever I am grateful-- We are ONE!