Happy New Year!

Brittany Mallard

Posted on January 07 2017

Happy New Year!
Hello 2017!! We are B A C K!!! First, thank you so much to the Gimme Sugar Family! 2016 definitely a year to remember! Thank you for your support. We appreciate and value each of you! 
Here's what's new with Gimme Sugar! 
Tah Dahhhhh!! Our new LOGO! Love it?! So do we! Next, New Scents & Accessories! Lastly, due to the substanial increase of material cost, Gimme Sugar prices has slightly increased. We refuse to compromise the quality of our scrubs. Unfortunately this is our only option. We think you will agree that the quality of Gimme Sugar should not be sacrificed. Hello somebody! *snaps in Z formation* 😂
Again,  thank you and we are looking forward to a GLOWING 2017! 

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